Analyser Controller

Marine Emissions Analyser Control Unit

Protea’s P2000 marine emissions analyser is operated via our dedicated Marine Emissions Analyser Control Unit. With the P2000 analyser being installed in-situ in the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, or insulated exhaust duct, this can be some distance away from the system controller.

The Marine Emissions Analyser Control Unit utilises a high grade marine-approved Panel PC.

The Marine Emissions Analyser Control Unit operated both as a display, data logger and a data transmission system. Gas concentrations from each of the stack mounted analysers on the vessel are displayed. In addition, the Control Unit will log the data and retransmits to a supervisory system.

The main screen, one for each analyser, displays the concentrations of each gas. Protea’s emission systems also report the SO2:CO2 ratio, along with any additional information such as process pressure, analyser and sample temperatures.

A dedicated diagnostics routine runs through a self-check on the emissions systems, applying check gas if available, and provides a diagnostic summary file. This can be sent to Protea’s support team if needed.

Marine Emissions System Controller


  • Control of multiple marine emission analysers
  • Monitor Accurately Required Emission Levels
  • SO2:CO2 ratio reporting
  • Minimal System Maintenance
  • Compliant with Relevant International Standard
  • Certified For Marine Installation
  • Global Commissioning & Service Capability
Marine Emissions System Controller

Marine Emissions System Controller