atmosIR Extractive

atmosIR Extractive

Protea atmosIR is an infra-red (IR), extractive multi component analyser to provide analysis of up to six gas-phase emission or process components.

The analyser is offered in 19” rack mounted or transportable versions with integral auto verification with optional built in HMI with standard industrial communication.

AtmosIR is the latest generation of photometric gas analyser technology from Protea. The atmosIR system is an extractive multi component analyser utilising Protea’s advanced multi pass cell technology. The analyser is capable of monitoring up to six (6) gases simultaneously meeting the performance requirements of international standards.

At the heart of atmosIR is a high-resolution, robust and proven Protea photometer offering high signal throughput, low-noise and long lifetime of components.

The AtmosIR has been developed to incorporate the latest techniques in GFC photometry and our proven technologies developed over many years, resulting in:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Advanced Protea S – PC or P-HMI software options to calculate, display and retransmit monitor gas concentrations
  • Robust and light, the AtmosIR combines the Protea P2000 optical bench analyser with our highly reliable multi pass sample cell incorporating an in-built sampling system
  • Designed for ppm-level emissions monitoring as a portable analyser, bench-top unit or as part of an fixed integrated CEM system

The AtmosIR is the result of many year experience in the Process and Continuous Emission Monitoring field suppling advanced instruments into many demanding applications.

These advances have significantly improved performance over existing products, due to combining the proven In-Situ P2000 with the advanced multi pass sample cell used in the Protea atmos range of analysers.

The atmosIR optical bench has seen extensive service over many years and incorporates all the features of the Protea P2000 including long life IR source (>10 years), high specification DC filter wheel motor (>10 years) and state of the art signal processing. The optical bench was designed and utilised in high vibration application such as marine CEMS so has a "second to none pedigree" running sophisticated diagnostic routines the analyser requires minimal intervention and therefore high monitoring availability.

The atmosIR in addition to monitoring the six (6) IR absorbing gases can also monitor Oxygen which enable the analyser to report concentrations normalised to a set O2 level as required by Environmental Agencies.

atmosIR Data Sheet

atmosIR Data Sheet