Dust Testing

Dust Testing

Protea have engineers capable of carrying out on-board iso-kinetic dust analysis alongside gas tests. This testing can be done following standards such as EPA Method 5. This can give the operator accurate dust concentration values to make assessments on abatement requirements.

Accurate particulate emissions testing can be carried out on-board vessels by Protea, following a number of different standard methods. Particulate Matter is measured isokinetically and results for Total Particulate matter - PM10 & PM2.5 - can be provided.

Isokinetic sampling involves the sampling of the emissions stream at the same velocity of the stream, ensuring correct sampling of all particle sizes and an accurate measured value of total particulate matter.

The sample is passed through a filter membrane placed inside a filter holder cassette that is fast and practical to change. Filters are weighed at an accredited laboratory.


Isokinetic stack testing can be used to check the response of any installed dust analyser (parallel testing). It can be used to ascertain if a dust analyser should be installed. Or periodic testing can just benefit the ship operators to know they are operating below emission limits for particulate matter.

Protea can supply testing that follows these recognised standards:

  • BS EN 13284-1
  • US EPA Method 5
  • US EPA Method 17
  • SO 23210